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Created 20-Feb-11
Modified 25-Feb-22
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These are some of my images as processed with a PhotoShop plug-in called Fractalius. I have found that they are loved by some and not liked at all by others. I would be interested in your comments.
Wood DuckBurrowing OwlLaughing GullPileated WoodpeckerStone Mountain Grist MillAmerican White PelicanGreat EgretTricolored HeronRoseate SpoonbillGreat Horned OwlHorse NettleBarred OwlMourning GloryBog Bachelor ButtonGreat Blue HeronRuby-throated Hummingbird (Juv M)Red-shouldered HawkBlue-eyed GrassEastern Pondhawk (F)Northern Cardinal (M)

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